My Programs

My newer Firefox stuff is here.

Being the nerd that I am, I've written a lot of programs and games over the years as a hobby. I tend to get bored with projects quickly so most things are in varying stages of incompleteness; this is the stuff that's at least moderately presentable. Be warned, a lot of it is quite old and doesn't necessarily reflect my current coding abilities.


JKSoft logo

QBasic was a version of BASIC that came with MS-DOS 5.0 and up. Though often lampooned for its slowness and BASIC-ness, plenty of programmers cut their teeth on it, and I was no exception. I wrote several QBasic games under the name "JKSoft", the more complete of which are available here.

QBasic was an interpreter, so you need it to run the games, and since it isn't so common these days, you can download a copy here.

JK Fighter

JK Fighter title screen JK Fighter in-game screenshot

Download JK Fighter

The most finished of any game I ever made. A one-on-one fighting game à la Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, except with stick figures because doing real graphics in QBasic is a pain. I thought it was a neat idea at the time although I've later found out that several other people did the exact same thing in QBasic. I even included combo moves! The graphics were all done by me, but the sound effects and music were swiped from elsewhere. I used the QMIDI library for music, Joki for joystick input, font drawing routines courtesy of M \ K Productions, FX sound from Tim Truman, and WAV playing code from somewhere or other.

Stick Fighter

Stick Fighter title screen

Download Stick Fighter

The original title of JK Fighter. I later found out that someone had already used this title so I changed it. I'm still somewhat partial to the hand-drawn ASCII/OEM art title screen and the PC speaker music (which I also swiped) so I'm including it here even though it's supplanted by JK Fighter.


Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter was a cross-platform system for making graphical adventure games that was used in the 1980s for such classics as King's Quest and Space Quest. It has since been reverse-engineered so it's possible to create your own games using AGI. The games can be played on modern operating systems with the aid of the open-source Sarien interpreter.

Justin Quest

Title screen First screen Second screen Third screen

Download Justin Quest

Play Justin Quest online at the Internet Archive!

Justin Quest was an adventure game in the style of Space Quest, but starring me. I never got around to completing it, but what's there is a fairly self-sufficient chunk. All the graphics were drawn personally by me, with the exception of the title and credit background screens, which I used a conversion utility for, and the logo text, which uses a font called Kredit. All the sounds were taken from other AGI games since there was no way of creating custom AGI sounds at the time of writing. All the music was converted from various MIDI files I didn't write. Please note that I'm about 13 in the photo on the title screen, so I look rather different nowadays.

Sarien Intro

screenshot of Sarien intro

Download Sarien intro

My attempt to create a demoscene-style intro for AGI, the first of its kind. It's not very impressive as intros go, but it's not bad considering the severe limitations that AGI has. There's a very short scroller in the bottom prompt area and two independently moving animated logos (one of which is larger than the maximum sprite size), along with looping background music. The only theme I could think of was promoting the Sarien interpreter mentioned above, which is somewhat ironic since it exposed several previously unknown bugs in Sarien which had to be fixed before it would work right. The music is classical instead of the usual demo music because I couldn't find any in MIDI format. :P

Unfinished Zelda Demo

screenshot of unfinished Zelda demo

Download unfinished Zelda demo

I had the idea of making a Zelda game in AGI, entitled "The Legend of Zelda - The Fungus of Time", but I got bored really fast. It basically consists of a title with Zelda music in the background and a Link dude that walks around (he periodically changes into the AGI template guy, though, because I didn't finish animating him). Feel free to use the sprite in your own game but please email and tell me first and give me credit someplace.