Justin Kerk's Firefox Stuff

I imagine pretty much everyone has heard about the Firefox web browser by now. One of the great things about Firefox is how extensible it is - anyone can write extensions to change the behavior of the browser or add functionality.

This page will host Firefox add-ons written by me, and potentially other nifty web things I cook up that work in Firefox.

User Scripts

If you haven't tried the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox, you're really missing out. It provides a generic framework for JavaScript scripts to manipulate the content of web pages. Is there something annoying about a web page you use frequently, but you didn't think you could do anything about it? Write a script to make it go away! Or use one of the many scripts others have already written.

OED Unicode

Get OED Unicode here (version 1.4)

OED Unicode at Userscripts.org

The Oxford English Dictionary's OED Online (subscribers only) uses small images to display all of the special characters used in entries for pronunciation, Greek letters, etc. Being the Unicode fan that I am, this offended my sensibilities, so I wrote a script to convert these images into proper Unicode text, which can then be resized, printed nicely, searched for with Google, copied and pasted into documents, etc. This was my first attempt at using Greasemonkey, so I based it on the "Frownies" example script by Mark Pilgrim, which does something very similar to what I wanted.

There's no central list of the images used by the OED or their Unicode equivalents, so I've compiled the conversion table by hand, and there are bound to be some images that I've missed (particularly in the area of polytonic Greek) or ham-handed conversion errors. If you find any, please send me an e-mail with the relevant headword and the nature of the error.

Like Frownies, OED Unicode is licensed under the GNU General Public License, so feel free to spread it around or use it as a base for your own GPL work.